Investment Parameters

Income and Value Appreciation

Investors Capital Group uses a disciplined and analytical approach to evaluate potential investments. We use conservative underwriting assumptions regarding future performance, market conditions and construction/rehabilitation costs.

ICG has current managing ownership interests in approximately 7,000 apartment units in ten western states. It owns these projects in various partnerships, joint ventures and LLC’s with individual investors and also institutions as investment partners.

We focus on acquiring multifamily properties in the western United States with generally between 100 and 400 units. We have also purchased several portfolios of multiple projects and we continue to seek out attractive portfolio opportunities.

Our goal with any acquisition is to generate current income and long term appreciation by acquiring projects in which we can improve operations and add tangible value. With strong lender relationships and a realistic underwriting approach, ICG makes an attractive buyer for motivated sellers seeking assurance that a transaction will close.

ICG has experience in a wide variety of complicated transactions, including assuming liability for existing bond financing on tax-credit properties, as well as a very strong and documented history of closing on transactions once we are in contract.


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