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Investors Capital Group is a team of highly experienced real estate professionals specializing in multifamily project investments. ICG has a current investment portfolio of approximately 7,000 multifamily units in ten western states.

ICG has a well-regarded and deep track record of excellence in apartment management and operations that gives it a strategic advantage when it comes to selecting and managing investment properties. By focusing on a single asset class we have become experts in every aspect of the apartment business.

ICG personnel are experienced in all areas of multifamily project underwriting, risk analysis, physical needs assessments, debt financing, contract negotiation, construction management, asset management, budgeting, accounting, reporting, investor relations and dispositions.

Our business plan is to use our extensive market knowledge and strength in operations to prudently acquire apartment projects, physically upgrade them if necessary, improve operations where possible and then ultimately sell them. In the process our goal is to create returns for our investors and ourselves that out-perform the market.

In a very competitive and at times volatile market, ICG’s conservative approach to underwriting risk combined with our professional execution of comprehensive project business plans has resulted in a track record of superior performance for our investors and a well-earned reputation for excellence in the apartment industry as a whole.


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