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The founders of Investors Capital Group pioneered systems and procedures that set a new standard for excellence in the multifamily investment and management industry.

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ICG uses a disciplined and analytical approach to evaluate potential investments with conservative underwriting assumptions in regards to future performance, market conditions and renovation costs.

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With ownership interests in approximately 7,000 apartment units in ten western states, more than 11,000 apartment units have passed through ICG’s investments since its founding in 2001.

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Investors Capital Group, LLC

Strategic Real Estate Investments

  • Investors Capital Group (ICG) is a Seattle-based boutique real estate investment firm with a portfolio of approximately 7,000 apartment units in ten western states.
  • ICG uses conservative underwriting assumptions on its acquisitions with the goal of generating annual income and attractive long-term returns for investors.
  • Our team is highly experienced in apartment operations, having founded and operated a leading regional apartment management company for nearly two decades.
  • We have been involved in dozens of sizable multifamily transactions, totaling over $500 million to date, that have been sold with attractive investment returns.
  • ICG is seeking unique investment opportunities where our strong analytical and operational skills give us a strategic advantage to out-perform the general market.


Investors Capital Group, LLC
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